Trekking tour in 
Aosta Valley




Variant of the tour

Variant n°6 of the tour

From Chaligne Refuge, it is possible to reach Pointe Chaligne by taking the path 2b, which is the itinerary people walk on the day of the Procession that takes place every year on August 16 (San Rocco) and that was born as a token of gratitude to the survivors of the plague in the seventeenth century that decimated the population of Aosta Valley. The tradition seems to be started in 1630, when the plague definitively disappeared from the city of Gignod.

After walking through a forest for 1 h and a half , you will arrive at Plan du Debat at an altitude of 2319m. This is an area disseminated with rocks, that in popular imagination it represents the tombs of those people who died during a battle that began deciding for the right position of the cross at the top of Punta Chaligne. Some wanted it to be turned facing the village of Gignod the others , on the contrary, facing the city of Aosta.

From here, in half an hour, you will reach the summit (2,607 m) its glaciers and its peaks.